At this point, who isn't a Swiftie? Or at the very least, many of us have a favorite Taylor Swift song we sing at the top of our lungs with friends or privately in the car or shower. And this goes for all ages, too. How many celebrities can say their fan base spans pre-teen to boomer, everyday humans like you and I, and A-listers and politicians?

Adam was caught on video with his daughters, Sunny and Sadie, and his wife, Jackie, at the October 11 premiere of Taylor's Eras Tour film in Los Angeles. According to E! News Online, Taylor showered her love back to the Swiftie family, aka the Sandlers, when they arrived for the premiere, as you can see in this video below. The next video shows Adam dancing his heart out with Taylor during the movie, which I'll get to in a second.

As you can see, Taylor took a couple of minutes to chat with the Sandlers and let Adam get a photo of Tay Tay with his daughters before moving on to say hello to other fans. Then it's lights out and Eras Tour movie time, where Adam dances his heart out to one of Taylor's most popular songs, "Karma". He's getting down with the rest of the family like only a true Swiftie can, with Taylor Swift right there with them.

Look at Adam DANCE, a trademark Hawaiian shirt and all. I love it.

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