Hampton, New Hampshire

Now and again, I find myself at the 401 Tavern in Hampton, New Hampshire (their mac & cheese is deeelish!).  The atmosphere is totally "me" (comfortable and homey), and the food and drinks are great.

I noticed the other day that all the menu items at the 401 Tavern end with .91 cents (except for the kids menu and the sides).  So I made an inquiry.

Nice Tribute to the Former Owner of This Hampton, New Hampshire, Restaurant

The response that I got said that the prices end in .91 cents, because that's what the original founder of the tavern did.  His name was Dan Lanio.  Dan started doing that because 1991 was the year that he moved to the Seacoast.  The new owners of the 401 Tavern decided to keep it that way as a tribute to Dan.

Dan passed away in 2022, and was affectionately known as "The Mayor of Hampton."  From all the tributes in his obituary, you get a sense that he was well-loved.

The 401 Tavern is on Route 1 in Hampton, so parking isn't an issue like it might be if you were down by the beach.  It's between Las Olas Taqueria and the Old Salt.  Come to think of it, that stretch of road has some tasty treats.  You could make an outing out of it.  Start at Las Olas for Tacos, hit the 401 Tavern for some sangria and nachos, then hit the Old Salt for cake.

Have you ever been to the 401 Tavern?

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