New England Homeowners Are Renting Their Pools

Did you ever envy your neighbor's pool?  Or maybe you have a beautiful pool at your house that never gets used, but you're still paying for the upkeep.  The hottest trend right now in New England is pool rentals.

We all know of those properties with amazing pools that are never used.  Then there are the pools that we never see from the road, because they are super fancy and kept completely private for all kinds of events.

For a price, you can rent a pool for yourself and your family in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, thanks to

Maine even has listings, but I'll be honest, that comes as a bit of a surprise to me. First off, Maine doesn't want you in their pool, and do they really need pools when they have, like, 3,000 miles of coastline and lakes everywhere?

Anyway, pools to rent are all over New England.

Rates vary, of course, depending on where you are.  If you are looking to dive into a pool in Rye, New Hampshire, you're going to pay $100 per hour.  But it's in Rye, and you can pretend it's your house (at least for a little while).  The description for one of these pools says that you can have access to a saltwater pool, private outdoor living room, and outdoor kitchen.  They could never get me to leave.

If you want to take a dip in Bill's pool in Manchester, New Hampshire, his rate is just $25 bucks per hour.

Have you ever rented someone else's pool?

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