Kittery, Maine, Est. 1647

Kittery was established in 1647, according to, Like many other coastal towns in Maine, it became a shipbuilding town.  It's still is home to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and remains a hardworking coastal community to this day.  All that good stuff being said, Kittery has one thing that is, IMHO, its crown jewel: lobster sliders.

Robert's Maine Grille, Kittery, Maine

My sister and I have a long-standing tradition of going to Robert's Maine Grille in Kittery after we have gone Christmas shopping at the outlets.  By that time, we have purchased all the outdoor gear from Kittery Trading Post that we need, and all the balls from the Lindt Chocolate Company that our butts can handle.  We walk in, grab a couple of seats at the bar if they are open, and order two martinis and two orders of Lobster Sliders.  I had no idea how delicious they were the first time we went there years ago.

The Lobster Sliders Are Mouthwatering

I will admit, we ordered the lobster sliders as an afterthought.  Our first pick was the martinis and a dozen oysters, but after our 2nd martini, we decided we'd better have more sustenance than oysters, so we ordered the sliders.  Oh. My. God.  From the very first bite into that grilled buttermilk biscuit with the tender lobster claw in the middle, it was love.  I don't mean the "Yeah, it's really good" type of love. I mean that hot, burnin' love that only comes around a very few times in your life, if at all.  We were hooked.

Of course, we had to go back a month later and order them again to make sure it wasn't the martinis from last time that produced the feeling of absolute joy and wonder on our tongues.  I'm happy to report that the experience was ever better stone-cold sober.  We waiting until the sliders were gone, then ordered the martinis.

Sarah Sullivan/Townsquare Media
Sarah Sullivan/Townsquare Media

What would the people of Kittery in 1647 say if they ever had the pleasure of trying these bad boys?  They would probably say, "BLEECH!  LOBSTER!  That's peasant food!"  But that, my lobster loving friends, is a story for another day.

I am so bleedin' hungry right now.  From where I sit, Robert's is 15 minutes.  I'll be back.  I hope they're open.

Have you ever been to Robert's?

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