Dunkin' Donuts started in Quincy, Massachusetts, according to dunkindonuts.com, and the Dunkaccino had been a favorite of many New Englanders for a long time until it was retired in 2023.

Half hot chocolate, half coffee was the "go to" for so many, including Al Pacino.

Remember his "commercial" for it?

I remember seeing Jack and Jill, an Adam Sandler movie that came out in November 2011, where Al Pacino played the love interest of, well, Adam Sandler (sort of).

The movie is about Adam and his twin sister, a/k/a Jack & Jill.  The movie is hilarious.  Maybe it's because I have siblings and many of the lines in that movie remind me of my family, but I loved it.

Al Pacino looked like he was having fun in the commercial for Dunkin's Dunkaccino.  For a guy who usually plays a bad guy, I'm sure it was nice to get out of his comfort zone for a while to sing the praises of the popular drink.

Maybe Dunkin' will bring back the Dunkaccino one day?

They keep inventing new things to keep up with the changing tastes of their customers, but maybe if Al Pacino called corporate headquarters in Quincy, Massachusetts, maybe they would bring it back.

It's worth a try.

Al, if you're reading this, could you call them up and see what they say?  I'll be waiting for your reply.

Was the Dunkaccino your go-to drink?

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