Star Wars Marathon is in Dedham, Massachusetts

If you want to celebrate Star Wars Day (May the 4th) by watching ALL of the Star Wars movies in order, there's only one theater in New England doing that, and they are going to go all night long.

Star Wars as a Religion?

Many people are going to make May 4th an event.  They may even call in sick to celebrate based on their own religious beliefs.  Truly, I have known people who LIVE BY the teachings of George Lucas and all things Star Wars.  As a matter of fact, there is a "theology of Star Wars," that many believe coincides with the teachings of the Christian church.  If it brings joy and happiness into people's lives, I say why not?  I mean, if there is Spaghetti Monster church, it's quite alright to have the teachings of George Lucas, don't you think?

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Showcase Cinema in Dedham, Massachusetts, will probably sell out

If you want to see all of the Star Wars movies in order, beginning at 8pm on May 3rd and continuing through May 4th in a movie theater, there is only one place to do that in New England. It's at the Showcase Cinema de Lux at Legacy Place at 670 Legacy Place in Dedham, Massachusetts.  According to their website, marathon guests will get a limited-edition posted and keepsake badge, a Star Wars-themed menu including signature cocktails, 25% off food and bev, and other surprises.  You should hurry, however, as it's almost certain that tickets to this will sell out.

I do not consider myself a Star Wars fanatic. However, this event sounds fun.  I would surely sleep through some of the movies, especially if there is wine to be served.

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