Everything is So Expensive

When I go shopping, I try to watch what I am buying.

"Before" everything got to be ridiculously expensive, I used to just go in, grab what I needed, and usually a few extras that enticed me while I was going up and down the aisles.

If I was surprised at the high total from time to time, I just was more careful the next time, but these days, every time I go to the checkout, it's a surprise.  To think that I am happy for getting anything under $5 is just silly.

We have a joke in our house that everything is five bucks, from one green bean to a 1/2 dozen eggs, everything is five bucks.

Sometimes, Only the Name Brand Will Do

There are lots of people who buy the generic brands of their favorite products to bring down the bill, but there are others that the name brands win out every time.  We took a poll on social media of some of the things that New Englanders won't buy generic, and we found that people are passionate about their favorite brands.

I totally get that with a few of these items, especially paper towels.  There is no way that I am buying the generic paper towels. I'm just not doing it.

I'm hoping that the producers of Bounty aren't reading this, because I don't care what the price is, Bounty is IT for me.  Bounty is the only paper towel that I can recycle for more than one clean/spill event.  A *friend* of mine even recycles the bounty sheets for more than one day.  She hangs them on her kitchen faucet and they are fine the next day.

To me, this "friend" is just being frugal, so the price of Bounty is actually cheaper than what the generic brand would be.  You'll end up running out of the generic and running to the store for more.

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