Such a feel good-story coming out of the Nashua, New Hampshire, Police Department.  Animal Control Officer Langis rescued a swan with an injured leg.

The animal was brought to Wings Wildlife Center in Henniker, New Hampshire.

From the Facebook comments, the bird was not easy to catch.  That's easy to understand, as I'm sure the swan was scared to death.  The poor thing didn't know that the ACO was just trying to help.

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Many people on the Facebook page thanked the officer for helping the bird.  I mean, what would have happened had he not stepped in?  Other comments said that the ACO should go after unleashed dogs.  I don't know the laws about that, but I imagine that they do enforce the law when they see that someone is breaking it.  That's their job.  It was sad to see those negative comments on the thread.  Luckily, most of them were positive.

Wings of the Dawn in Henniker, New Hampshire

The Wings of the Dawn bird sanctuary is THEE place to call whenever there is a situation with a bird in New Hampshire (or should I say, at least in Southern New Hampshire).  I had a robin in my front yard once, and the poor thing looked pregnant.  She was just sitting there, still as could be.  When I walked toward her to see what was up, she opened her eyes, but she didn't and couldn't move.  I didn't know what to do, so I called NH Fish and Game.  They gave me the number of "Wings of the Dawn," but the woman at NH Fish and Game who I spoke to didn't say that. She said, "Call the bird lady."  And so I did.  The Bird Lady told me that the Robin probably got whacked by a car, and to leave her alone for a while.  If she was still there in an hour or so, call her back.  That bird lady knew her stuff.  An hour later, Mrs. Robin had flown away.

I love happy endings!  Have you ever rescued an animal?

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