People who live here in New Hampshire know that we have many names of towns, rivers, roads, lakes, etc., that are hard to pronounce, like 'Abenaki', 'Ponemah', 'Pemigewasset', and 'Winnipesaukee', just to name a few.  Those are Native American names that make sense as part of New Hampshire.  There are some towns, however, that make you think folks should have thought of another name, because they just don't seem right for New Hampshire.

For example:

Albany - Carroll County

When you think of Albany, don't you think of New York?  It's here in New Hampshire too.  Albany is North of the Lakes Region in Carroll County.

Alexandria - Grafton County

You don't think of New Hampshire when you hear Alexandria; you think of Virginia.  Alexandria is located in Grafton County, and it's one of our best-kept secrets, right on the banks of Newfound Lake.

Andover  - Merrimack County

Jay Leno is from Andover, but Andover, Massachusetts, not New Hampshire.

Bath -  Grafton County

When I think of Bath, I think of Maine because of Bath Iron Works.

Berlin - Coos County

If you visit Berlin, New Hampshire, the accent should be on the first syllable, as in "BURR-lin."  If you're talking about Berlin, Germany, the accent should be on the second syllable, as in "Burr-LIN." #truestatement

Dorchester - Grafton County

Home of the Wahlberg family, Dorchester, Massachusetts, comes to mind when I think of this town. However, there is a Dorchester, New Hampshire.  Weird, right?

Haverhill - Grafton County

When you think of Haverhill, where does your mind go?  Mine definitely goes to that little town in Massachusetts with the worst traffic.  Surprisingly, there's a Haverhill, New Hampshire, too.

Pittsburg - Coös County

This Pittsburg, New Hampshire, is at the top of the world in Coös County.  The one in Pennsylvania is spelled differently (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

Randolph - Coös County

I've heard of Randolph, Massachusetts, but Randolph, New Hampshire, was a new one to me.  I most likely forgot about its existence since it's in Coös County, and I'm not there too much.

Roxbury - Cheshire County

I know Roxbury, New Hampshire, from all those car rides looking for trouble with my college roommates at Keene State College.  I may have run out of gas in that town, but the details are fuzzy.

Sandwich - Carroll County

This town sounds like it should be somewhere in England, but it's here too.  Sandwich, New Hampshire, is in Carroll County, in the Lakes Region.

Woodstock - Grafton County

When you think of Woodstock, you might think of Woodstock, New York, because of the concerts and all, but there is a Woodstock, New Hampshire.  If you're a fan of beer and good food, you want to know this town because of the Woodstock Inn.  It's a not-to-be-missed place.

Do you think your town sounds like it should be elsewhere?

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