Once again, the blue line trolley that takes the scenic route from Kennebunk to Wells/Ogunquit, Maine, in the summer will not be running.

According to a press release from York County Community Action, they will not be able to operate the Blue Line Trolley because of staffing issues.

From what I remember from 2023, they had the same issue then.

In the press release, they specified they were having trouble recruiting CDL-licensed drivers.

From what I understand from some of the comments on this Facebook post, it's not that easy to GET a CDL license. If, as one comment says, it takes $8,000 to get a CDL license, people might be reluctant to take a seasonal job that probably doesn't pay too much money.


New England Beach Parking Can Be Hard to Find

The trolley is a great way to get travel around the Seacoast, especially in the summer.

On a hot summer day on any beach in New England, you're going to have to fight for a parking space.  Unless you live at the beach or have rented a place with parking, the public lots are usually full.

If you DO find a lot with space, it may cost you $20 or $30 depending on where you are.  The trolley is economical, and much more scenic.  You can take in the sights and take your time to your destination.

There are a few rules for using the Trolley:

  • You can't drink alcohol while riding
  • You can't smoke either
  • You have to wear your shoes and a shirt
  • You can take your service animal, but no other animals allowed

They will continue to offer the Orange line that runs from Sanford to Wells, and extend that route to Wells Beach.

Have you ever taken the trolley to the beach?  What did you think of the experience?

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