Dear Seacoast New Hampshire and Massachusetts Restaurants,

Hi. It's your buddy, Sarah.  You and I have a great relationship.  About a couple times a week, I come into your fine establishment, sit myself down, and usually order a glass of wine for about $15 bucks right away.  Then I'll order an entree, pay the bill, tip you well, and be on my way.  If you gave me and my dining companion a free bottle of wine when I walked in, however, my appreciation would skyrocket, and so would your tip at the end of the night.

Please, New England, Adopt This Idea for Your Restaurants

There's a restaurant in Italy, according to The Guardian,  that is offering people a free bottle of wine when they walk in if they give up their phone while they are there, so they can actually enjoy the company they are with.  It's in Verona, Italy, and by the looks of their website, it's a fancy-pants place.

Just think about it, New Hampshire and Massachusetts restaurants. You could start a trend, and it will spread to the rest of the country.  What heroes you would be!  If you're thinking about the cost of a bottle of wine, no one said you have to use your top shelf bottle.  Chill the be-geezus out of that cheap Pinot.  That'll work.  If it's the good stuff though, you'll have me at hello.

It's So Rude to Look at Your Phone When You're Dining With Someone

Sometimes, when I go to dinner with someone and they constantly look at their phone, it gets me really upset.  I mean, why am I even there?  I have a lot of things I could be doing rather than sitting at a table with someone who is looking at their phone all the time.  There are rare exceptions. Like, if you're going to a movie after dinner and want to check the time, fine.

Don't get me wrong, I love my phone and spend a lot of time on it like you. However, the thought of going back to 1999-ish gives me anxiety and joy at the same time, much like your phone.

What do you think of this idea?

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