How do New Hampshire adults make friends?

The short answer to that question is that you have to put yourself out there.

Whether it's actually leaving your house or going online seeking companionship, it can be scary and daunting, especially as you get older.

A couple made a Facebook post on the (un)Official City of Dover, NH page explaining that they just moved to New Hampshire and wanted to know where they could meet adult friends without going to bars.

One woman listed several places right off the bat: churches, hobby classes, the gym, childcare, parks you take your kids to, and work.

She added:

Honestly I figured people didn't really make friends at a certain point. I barely have the energy to get up every day

Another person called out rage rooms, where you get to smash stuff.

In Portsmouth, there is a place called VENT where you can smash glass with other consenting glass-smashing compadres. If that's not the start of a beautiful friendship, I don't know what is.

There's even a place called Rage Cage in Nashua and the Break Room in Manchester.

Another recommended place was the library.

I've never considered the library a good place to meet people. You can't talk. Or, I should say, you couldn't talk back in the stone age when I went to the library and people were actually trying to study.

Libraries are much noisier today than they used to be.

More than one person recommended the library,

Lots of interesting events and groups at the Dover Public Library. We've learned more interesting local history! And anyone is welcome at the Portsmouth Public Library as well, no membership required.

And one more suggestion was joining a bowling league.

Now yer talkin'. Bowling leagues are a blast, and you can't help but talk to the people bowling with you.

Candlepin bowling is a New England thing, and very different from the "big balls."

Places in New Hampshire Adults Can Make Friends Besides the Bar

  • Church
  • Hobby Classes
  • Gym
  • Childcare
  • Parks
  • Work
  • Smashing Places
  • Library
  • Bowling League

Look. Nobody tells you this when you're young, but as you get older, you're going to have a harder time making friends.  It is just something that happens when you are trying to bring up your kids and work hard to pay the bills.  Your lifelong friends may still be around. However, "new" adult friends can be hard to come by.

But it's great to know that yes, there are many places where you can make new friends, and maybe even a new best friend.

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