Great Place for Outdoor Dining in Dover, New Hampshire, Closing

After 20 years serving downtown Dover, Blue Latitudes is closed for business, said Jeff Roemer via Facebook.

If you have a gift certificate for Blue Latitudes, it will be honored at one of the owners' other restaurants, Roost, according to the Facebook comments.

The owners have two other restaurants – Roost and SoDo 45 – both in Dover.

  • Roost has a similar menu to Blue Latitudes, and they also have a beautiful outside seating area.
  • SoDo 45 is more of a sports pub atmosphere, with lots of beer and pub food to choose from.

It seems like these decisions are made very quickly.  About a week ago, they posted on Facebook that their patio is open.

It's hard to run one restaurant, never mind three of them.  It's interesting that I've heard of food service places opening two restaurants, then going to three, which is sometimes the tipping point.  I'm not saying that's what happened in this circumstance. I am just very familiar with how hard it is to run a restaurant.  There are rules about food safety, liquor laws, staffing, etc., and it all has to run perfectly for the public. Otherwise, you have "those people" who complain.  It's very difficult.  I saw my own family go through it, and although it is sad for the staff and patrons of the restaurants, I can only imagine that the owners might secretly be breathing a sigh of relief.

All the best to the owners and staff of Blue Latitudes.  I will miss eating outside on the patio as I drink my "Siesta" and eat nachos (oh, they were sooo good).

Here at the radio station, we have so many great memories of Blue Latitudes, from "goodbye" parties when a staff member decided to move on, to the times when they secretly allowed us to use the bathrooms during Apple Harvest Day.  Thanks for all the wonderful food, drinks, and atmosphere. But mostly, thanks for being good people.

See you at Roost.

What are your memories of Blue Latitudes?

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