How awesome is Gronk?

Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski was asked to throw out the first pitch at the Red Sox Game against the Guardians on this Patriots Day game at Fenway Park, according to  In true Gronk form, instead of throwing it to the catcher, Ari Meirov, Rob spiked the ball right in front of him on the mound, as he would have when he ran for a touchdown at Gillette.  The crowd erupted with applause, laughter, and appreciation.  Man, we miss that guy so much.

Gronk is the absolute best.  I think we love him so much because he is authentically himself.  There is no trying to be anybody but Gronk.

That baseball spike took me back to the days of when our Beloved 87 was the favorite target of our Beloved #12, the GOAT, Tom Brady.  Has there been anything in our lives (since that team isn't on our TVs every Sunday) that equals the joy we got when we hear "Brady passes to Gronkowski and it's complete!"?  I'm sure I've had really great moments since that time, but at this moment, I can't think of any.

Rob Gronkowski is an incredible hype man, and today, he was just that, and THE GREATEST GRAND MARSHALL of the 2024 Boston Marathon the world has ever seen.  I wondered what he was doing lately. Acccording to, he's an NFL analyst along with his friend (and fellow favorite target of Tom Brady) Julian Edelman.

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