Let your inner child out at this epic new spot in Boston: Archery Games in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

One of the most fun kids' toys ever invented was the Nerf gun. Everyone – boys and girls, kids and teens – loved a good old-fashioned Nerf gun war.

If you are unfamiliar with Nerf, the brand makes a variety of toy guns (in all shapes and sizes) that shoot out styrofoam bullets. So it does not hurt, but you can aim, shoot, and play war with your friends.

Well, Archery Games in Boston has taken that childhood game and turned into a reality. This is where paintball meets Nerf gun meets an all-out game of tag.

There are blow-up walls to take cover behind, so this is a childhood dream played out in real life.

But the Archery Games location in Boston is home to more than just a Nerf gun field. They also have archery tag. In fact, the main concept behind this fun business is "Archery Games."

So what you are picturing in your head is probably exactly what takes place. It is a combination of tag, Nerf gun wars, and archery all built into one.

If you get hit by an arrow, you are eliminated (for that round). And for full disclosure, they are soft/no tip arrows, so they won't hurt you at all.

The Archery Games location offers a variety of ways to get involved in this epic battle. You can book a private event for a birthday party, anniversary, group outing, etc. You can also sign up as a solo (or small group) and participate in the public openings.

Check out the Archery Games website to see all of their availability, booking, and pricing information.

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