Are you familiar with the Youtuber Beard Meats Food? My brother loves a good eating challenge and recently introduced me to him. Now I am hooked.

If you love watching bearded men devour massive portions of food, then this guy is right up your alley. He visits restaurants all over our great nation and eats to the point of immense discomfort! People can't get enough. His channel has 3.7 million subscribers. He also has a fun English accent, which certainly doesn't hurt.

As I was perusing his channel, I saw that he visited Hampton Falls' own Oceanside Sandwich Shop back in October of 2023. Beard wanted to take a crack at the "Monstah Sandwich Challenge".

His mission was to order two 20 inch subs (of his choice) from the menu and finish them in 53 minutes. The only rule was that the sandwich must contain meat, and no ingredients can be removed from the sub as listed on the menu. If both are finished inside 53 minutes, the sandwiches are free, and you get whatever is in the kitty. If you lose, you have to pay for the subs (which are $20 each) AND contribute $5 dollars to the jar for future competitors to attempt to win.

It has never been done! He would be the first person to ever complete this challenge.

This is how it went:

I won't spoil it for you. You'll just have to watch for yourself! But I love that BMF brought to light one of our favorite local spots. I wonder if anyone else has tried to take a stab at the challenge since this video was released.

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