When the smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies hits you, it's like a big "ahhh", or a huge, cozy hug, or a relaxation of all your muscles as your nose takes over for the rest of your body.

Let's face it.  Fresh-baked chocolate cookies are love.

Do you know who makes the best chocolate chip cookies (besides your mom)? Well, tastingtable.com released a list of the best cookies from every state, and you might not guess who's number one in New Hampshire, unless you live near Rochester.

This Rochester bake shop can't keep their case full.  They fill it every morning, and by the end of the day, it's empty.  That's a real good sign they are delicious, and somehow sprinkle a little magic into their baking.

The Potter's House Bakery via Facebook
The Potter's House Bakery via Facebook

In fact, The Potter's House Bakery & Café does have something special about it, and it's not just being named the best place for chocolate chip cookies in New Hampshire.

Here's the magical mix at the bakery.  Owners Tim and Sue Wilson say their shop offers "pastries with a purpose", and here's why.  They hire people who are on the autism spectrum.  This is mission statement from the website.

We're more than just a local bakery. We've made it our mission to provide on-the-job work experience for those with special needs. We partner with the special needs community to create opportunities for these individuals to learn valuable skills that can be applied to future careers.

The Potter's House Bakery via Facebook
The Potter's House Bakery via Facebook

So you can see they take pride and care in their baking and their staff.  The team loves working for Sue (a special needs teacher) and Tim (a trained baker).

The best chocolate cookies in the Granite State is just the icing on a very special and beautiful cake they've created in Rochester, New Hampshire.  Try one, or three.

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