In keeping up with what's hot for the holidays, there's a newer trend which is thriving in New England.

We love our trees in New England, especially tall, tall trees.  Imagine a forest filled with tall pines and sparkling branches with perfect symmetry and vibrant colors.

I was in a store just after Thanksgiving, and across the home section was a display filled with trees of all sizes and colors.  These home accessories jumped out at me, as beautiful accents to the holidays.

There were so many that I realized this was the newest trend in decorating for the holidays, which Martha Stewart would be proud of.


They're called brush trees because the bristles look like brushes.  If you think of the bottle brushes, only having a point, that's what they look like.

There were colors of pink, white, aqua, light green, dark green, maroon, cream, turquoise, bright pink, silver, gold, and burgundy.

The trees have sparked other accents like couch pillows and prints in brush trees.


It's a softer side of holiday decorating, using more pastel colors and gentle colors.  It's a nice look for office or home instead of the bolder red and green colors of Christmas.

So, if you want to switch it up next year, try this little gems around the house or together in a window.  They bring a sparkle to the home, which everyone loves during the holidays.

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