Cats are the best thing in the world.

Coffee is the second best thing in the world.

Together, they're unstoppable, and have inspired a concept this writer loves: cat cafés.

Cat cafés are a fairly new invention, originating in the late 1990s and popping up all over the world. Visitors typically pay a cover fee to spend time in a room filled with cute resident kitties (who are sometimes up for adoption, courtesy of a nearby shelter or SPCA). In addition to petting and playing with the cats, you can also enter a separate room to order food, drinks, and whatever else the 'café' part of the experience offers.

New England has a handful of cat cafés, but not many. That's why we were thrilled to hear that a new one will soon open its doors in Boston, Massachusetts.

Introducing A Sanctuary Cafe, located at 80 Charles Street in the historic neighborhood of Beacon Hill.

A Sanctuary Cafe via Facebook
A Sanctuary Cafe via Facebook

What is A Sanctuary Cafe?

We've already said that cat cafés are a wonderful concept, but A Sanctuary Café is taking things a step further. Besides being a home for resident cats and offering locally-sourced beverages and baked goods, this place will also have a micro-bookstore. Goodness, this café was made for yours truly.

The owner's kitty, Gryff, excels in customer service and will happily provide you with book recommendations.

A Sanctuary Cafe via Facebook
A Sanctuary Cafe via Facebook

What makes A Sanctuary Café stand out even more is the passion owner Brittany Baker has for serving the community.

She hopes to provide a "truly inclusive and welcoming space where all identities (and abilities) feel accepted and embraced," according to the café's website. Every book purchased from the bookstore is matched with a book donation to a Boston Public Schools student, the resident kitties are rescues from Boston-area shelters, and that's just the beginning. You can read more about the business' community involvement here.

When is A Sanctuary Cafe Opening?

The café's website currently says that they are opening in phases, starting this month. Click here to sign up for their newsletter, which will keep you in-the-know about all opening updates and when you can make reservations for the cat lounge.

To learn more about A Sanctuary Cafe, click here.

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