Playgrounds are cool and all, but when I was a kid, all I wanted to do was drive what my dad drove:  heavy equipment.

It's something that comes along with being a child of a blue-collar parent.

Don't get me wrong, I loved swings and seesaws, but I always found myself climbing ropes and playing with backhoes instead of the monkey bars.

Well, if your kiddos are like me when I was a kid, I know the BEST place to bring them: Connors Farm.

Connors Farm is in Danvers, Massachusetts, only 40 minutes from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The whole place brings family, farm life, and fun together.

But I'm not talking about fun on the swings. I'm talking about train rides, hay rides, ropes courses, jumping pillows, pedal carts, and so much more.

Connors Farm is a perfect day trip for the whole family, which is why they have been operating for 120 years.

The typical farm attractions are obviously present, like farm animals, u-pick apples, horse swings, etc.

But this place is also a blue-collar playground with more hands-on attractions like gem-mining and a destruction zone.

The fan favorite might be the train ride.

The best part about this epic playground farm is the price. Things are wildly expensive these days. You cannot take your kiddos out of the house for some family fun without spending hundreds of dollars.

Not at Connors Farm.

Online prices, which can be purchased here, are only $9.99 during weekdays. The weekend rate is $14.99 online, with kids under one getting in for free all summer long.

If I were a kid (or blue-collar parent), I would be wanting to go to Connors Farm.

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