I've seen almost every one of them since 1986.  I always think, "Do I really want to go into Boston?".  You know, the traffic, throngs of people, and the craziness of it all is just too much.

If you are thinking this way, then stop.  Just do it, as one sneaker company boldly says.

I saw the Boston Celtics Rally on City Hall Plaza in 1986, the Boston Bruins Duck Boat Rally in 2011, at least four of the six New England Patriots Rolling Rallies, and two of the last four Boston Red Sox Rallies, including the epic 2004 parade.

My kids and I rode the train in and stood three or four deep to get a glimpse of the superstars of the day (and of course, that trophy).

These are some of the best memories I have had as a single person, and later with my children. They still talk about it, and were just as proud to be from New England and cheer for their favorite sports teams.

Elsa/ Billie Weiss/Getty Images
Elsa/ Billie Weiss/Getty Images

More importantly, it taught them a few things.

1.) The city isn't a big, bad place. It's exciting.  It's easy to navigate once you plan where you want to be.

2.) The train makes it easy to get into Boston, and they loved riding the T, which they don't normally get to do.

3.) They learned to be proud of their sports teams and celebrate the big and small victories, although the rally is always a big win.

4.) They learned independence and how to navigate through crowds with confidence, as mom and dad kept them safe.

5.) They learned from elite athletes that hard work pays off. You have to give it your all to get to the top, and work with your teammates rather than alone.

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images Joey McIntyre and Donnie Wahlberg
Mike Lawrie/Getty Images
Joey McIntyre and Donnie Wahlberg

So if you're waffling about Friday's celebration in honor of the 2024 World Champion Boston Celtics, don't.  Just go, with or without family or friends. But I can tell you, the more the merrier, and you will all create everlasting memories.

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