We all remember our first love, which equates to our first car.  The thought of having our very own car, to name it, to trick it out any way we want, to add décor, including our own air freshener, was a powerful first.

Our first car represented freedom, but it was also a feeling you only get once in your life.  Ask any person on the street what their first car was, and they can tell you (usually with a smile).

A new survey by assurance.com reveals some answers about which brand is the most popular for New Hampshire first-time car owners.

Most first-timers drive a sedan, and in 32 states, the first vehicle is a gift, as a hand-me-down from within a family.  This makes sense, as nearly 88% of America's "first cars" were used.

When thinking of the Granite State, you might think the most popular is a hand-me-down pickup truck, but actually, it's a sedan.  Looking further into the national habits of Gen Z, Gen X, Millennials, and Baby Boomers, we find from the survey that Gen Z's mostly have Toyotas as their first car, while the other generations went with Fords.

Jelly Bean via Unsplash.com/ Getty Images/Michael J. Rivera
Jelly Bean via Unsplash.com/ Getty Images/Michael J. Rivera

New Hampshire specifically has a knack for handing down or purchasing a Chevrolet as the first vehicle.  Maybe it's an old farm truck or used sedan (Corvette, not likely in this weather), but when it comes to the most popular brand in the Granite State for first-time car buyers, it's a Chevy.

One more interesting comparison is the price of a first car.  Baby boomers paid an average of $3000, while Gen Z is spending and average of $11,000.  That's the difference in economics over the years.

What was your first vehicle?

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