When you think of the highest-earning regions in the country, my mind goes to New York City, Hollywood, or Silicon Valley. Those places might have a lot of wealth, but when it comes to people working for their money, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a New England state is the highest-earning state in the country. As a matter of fact, the entire Northeast is dominating this list.

As of 2023, Massachusetts tops the list for states where workers make the highest median annual wage.

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Wages are higher in Massachusetts, but the cost of living there is higher as well. According to a recent study, a single person living in Massachusetts needs to make $88,000 to live comfortably. There is a real discrepancy between the median annual income and what is considered a "livable wage". Does this mean most people aren't making what they need to make to afford to live in Massachusetts comfortably?

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The only state where the average annual cost of living is higher than Massachusetts is Hawaii. That checks out.

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On the flip side, Mississippi is the state with the lowest median annual income at $37,500.

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Here are the top 10 states with the highest median annual wages.

Massachusetts $60,690
Washington $59,920
New York $56,840
Alaska $56,140
Connecticut $56,130
Maryland $55,810
New Jersey $54,860
Colorado $54,050
California $54,030
Rhode Island $50,970

If money weren't an object, what state would you live in? Would you base your decision on weather, proximity to loved ones, job opportunities, or another factor entirely?

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