Imagine pristine lakes and the best snowmobiling trails in the country.  Now imagine being able to drive there and feel like you are in a country all your own.

The Great North Woods is so far north in New Hampshire, it borders Quebec, Canada.  There's a place that's a year-round destination with perfect conditions for winter sports and plenty of lakes for summer fun. But for its residents, it's all about quality of life.

Sounds like a perfect destination, and it is.

Much of the industry now is tourism in this northern town, but it was once booming with paper mills and the logging industry.

Today, the town is known as the "Snowmobiling Capital of New England", according to its website.  Have you figured it out yet?  It's way up there in New Hampshire.


The town of Pittsburg, New Hampshire, is also known as "Moose Alley" because you are most likely to see a moose somewhere on the last ten miles of Route 3 before the Canadian border.  It's also the only place to cross the border in New Hampshire.

Ironically, the town's website says there are more moose than people, and they are proud of that statistic. says moose can be on the roads at any time, day or night, and drivers need to keep a watchful eye.

What else is there to do in Pittsburg besides look for moose? Plenty!  There's lots of fishing, camping, and hiking opportunities, bed & breakfast inns, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and four lakes.  There are a number of family-friendly and affordable restaurants for some good grub too.

Pittsburg, New Hampshire, has some beautiful lakeside cabins and cottages for the ultimate unplugged vacation.

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