Here in New England, we know we're lucky to live in one of the best parts of the US.

Over the years, countless websites have directed high praise towards our region. We've received shoutouts for having the hottest zip codes, most underrated destinationsbest small citiescoziest towns, and more.

Now, a site called Frommer's is sharing the most mispronounced town names across the US, and it's no shock that a New England city was included on the list.

Even if you've lived here all your life, you know that our region has several city and town names that people never pronounce correctly on the first try. But which one did Frommer's determine to be among the hardest to pronounce nationwide? That place would be none other than Worcester, Massachusetts.


Wait. How do you pronounce that again? Is it 'War-chester?' 'Were-chester'? Nope. It's 'Wuh-ster'. Guess third time's the charm.

Now look, there's nothing wrong with the pronunciation of Worcester. But why can't that be properly reflected in the spelling, so as not to confuse people? According to Frommer's, Worcester, Massachusetts, was named after a place in England with the same name. So if you're looking for someone to blame for the inconvenient spelling, you'll need to do some digging on its history.

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