I don't dread flying.  I dread the people I am flying with.

Inevitably, someone with stinky feet takes their shoes off nearby.  Or a nearby passenger pulls out a sandwich laden with onions to ruin the clean air on the plane.

There needs to be schooling on airplane etiquette, but it's really common courtesy that's lacking.

The good news is the New England airports are some of the best when it comes to politeness.  Connecticut and Massachusetts were especially noted by solitairebliss.com as being less annoying than most other states.

The worst states for rudeness at airports are Iowa, Illinois, and Virginia. Unacceptable behavior while traveling can cause anxiety for others.

Vacations are meant to relieve anxiety from the job or the family, so when you add the stress of travel, it can seem a waste of time and energy.  Sit tight and breathe (if you can), and try to relax.

Here are some of the ill-mannered behaviors criticized by travelers.


One in three people in America have admitted to passing gas on a flight.  This is serious. One in eight have witnessed a physical confrontation.  Why do people get so worked up about flying?

Other unpleasant tendencies are putting bags on a seat in the terminal, being drunk on a plane, asking people to switch seats, reclining your seat without asking, not putting your phone in airplane mode, pushing the seat in front of you, and wearing strong cologne on the plane.

We're in tight quarters, so be considerate.  Your chances are higher for a pleasant flying experience in New England than most other parts of the country.

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