This was a crazy story back in 2015. I remember it very vividly, because it was around the time I started my career in morning radio in New England, and we talked about it on the air.

A New Hampshire woman named Janelle Jones "had it her way" at the Rochester, New Hampshire, Burger King Drive-thru.

When she opened her bag, she did not see her sweet tea and junior spicy chicken sandwich staring back at her. Instead, it was a big ole' bag of cash! $2,631 to be exact.

Can you imagine? What would you do? Janelle admitted that she and her husband briefly contemplated keeping the money. It could have gone a long way. However, the couple is very religious and wanted to do the right thing. As Janelle put it, “Jehovah sees everything.”

So what exactly happened? 

Of course this was a huge accident, one that might have cost a Rochester, New Hampshire, Burger King employee his/her job. Fast food restaurants used to keep their deposits in their food bags so they would look inconspicuous. Something tells me this mishap happened one too many times. A Redditor said most fast food establishments now have armor car services to pick up deposits, but some stores do still implement this silly practice.

Another hilarious Redditor said:

I'm thinking the other side of the story where the manager tried to deposit a Whopper meal at the local bank.

Have you ever found money? How much was it? Did you return it?

These restaurants don't give away bags of cash, but they do offer great food for takeout.

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