Many of us follow local police departments on social media to stay in the know with local happenings.

Of course, a police department's job is to protect and serve the community. However, I love it when law enforcement officials post something lighthearted or humorous. It shows that there are human beings behind those badges. Some people tend to forget that.

The Lee, New Hampshire, Police Department did just that on their Facebook page recently, and it brought their followers lots of joy. It was shared 87 times and received over 2,700 likes!

They posted the photo below with this clever poem:

"When what to our wondering eyes did appear

but a mini Tahoe, all decked out with gear

We're tickled to have it, so tiny and neat

the perfect addition, to round out our fleet.

There's one little problem, we need a new hire; someone to drive it, now that's a quagmire!'

Lee NH Police
Lee NH Police

How cute is that? I love that they parked it in a spot just like a full-sized cruiser.

A couple of jokesters poked fun at the police department with "budget cut"-related comments. A few other eager parents volunteered their aspiring police officer kiddos to drive the newest police car.

In the comments, Linda said, "K-9 Chihuahua needed... You know those lil ankle biters are the best for getting your suspects.

Bunny said to "Get another one and instead of "foot patrol" you can have your own "cruise (r) control"! One for each foot!"

If you drive by the Lee, New Hampshire, Police Department, you could see their new mini Tahoe cruiser in person. It is parked proudly in front of the station for all to see.

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