Let's be real: most of us aren't anywhere near ready to run a marathon.

This writer is wiped after doing a 5k (3.1 miles). But 26.2 miles? That's not happening anytime soon.

That's why when events like the Boston Marathon happen, it's simply inspirational. Not only do we see people who are unbelievably athletic, but these people have put in countless hours of time, effort, and persistence in training for this famous race and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.

Everyone has their own reason(s) for running the Boston Marathon. Some love the sport of running, and want to challenge themselves by beating their PRs. Others run for a particular cause, person, or organization. Whatever it is that brings these athletes to Boston every April, they're equipped with the determination and drive to cross that finish line.

We've all seen videos capturing the best of humanity at events like this; people cheering each other on, sharing what motivates them, and supporting one another in various ways. And that's precisely what happened again this year.

In a video posted by WMUR, Boston police officers are seen assisting a runner on that last stretch to the finish line. The uplifting footage is below.

It looks like that runner's legs are about to crumble from under them. But yours truly can't judge, as hers would've collapsed after mile five or so (along with her lungs). So this is absolutely incredible.

Congratulations to each and every participant at this year's Boston Marathon. Regardless of the time it took you to cross the finish line, just showing up and being there is a win in and of itself. You should be proud.

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