There's one place to travel to on the North Shore of Massachusetts, nearly an hour outside of the busy city of Boston, where you get that island vibe and can chill on the sands of Plum Island.

There are a few places on the island that accentuate the laid-back approach of those who live in this ocean community, both part-time and year-round.

For instance, the Plum Island Grille was a fan favorite for many years, but it closed last year and broke many hearts.  The bar and lounge area was unbeatable for social gatherings, meeting up with fun and eclectic people, and living that carefree lifestyle.

The Grille is gone, but two years ago, the seasonal Sunset Club opened and has a steady stream of business as an outdoor bar with live music and games, all overlooking the marsh.  The sunsets are magnificent.

The only other bar on the island was the Beachcoma, featuring fish tacos, rum buckets, and other island like fare.  They always had live music on Sundays, and people were always hanging out on the patio in the nice weather.

The Beachcoma closed on March 17. However, before you roll your eyes, there's some good news.  The new owners promise the new Riptide Café will have the same vibe as the old Beachcoma.

Brad DeLibero and his wife, Kim-Soo, recently purchased the business from Gregg Pugh and Cathy Hallisey, according to  Gregg and Cathy formerly owned Mad Martha's on Plum Island, and the DeLibero's recently sold Bob Lobster, also on Plum Island.

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The good news is that it's all locals doing what they love by feeding people, so big businesses once again are squashed on Plum Island, thank goodness.

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