Man, I love a poke bowl! It's just the most perfect, light dinner or lunch option in the summer! For those hot days where you don't want to eat anything too heavy but also want something more exciting than a salad, a poke bowl is the answer to your prayers.

I have been fortunate enough to live close to an Ohana for the last three years of my life. We had one down the street when we lived in Portsmouth, and then we moved to Hampton, and the Exeter location was conveniently 10 minutes away!

If you aren't familiar with Ohana, it is owned by Stacy and Jay Krecklow, who lived in Maui for many years.

Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian, and every time Stacy and Jay go back to visit Hawaii, they very much “feel the aloha”. As soon as they land, they rush to the nearest restaurant to grab a bite of their favorite food—poke. Their love for Hawaii and obsession with poke inspired them to bring this delicious dish back to their mainland ohana, the Seacoast, and we are so glad they did!

And now, in addition to their Exeter and Portsmouth locations, the people of Kittery now have their very own Ohana location:

So if you were wondering what was going to go in this space on Shapleigh Road after t o a s t closed, here's your answer!

The news has spread like wildfire on Facebook foodie groups like New Hampshire Eats and Seacoast Eats, and people are stoked! Are you a poke lover? Have you dined at any of the Ohana locations?

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