There seems to be a number of people getting tagged by airports for carrying unknown firearms or ammunitions.

However, there's only one person known on social media for getting stopped by TSA security for having this in his carry-on.

Massachusetts resident Joel Libed is a member of the Taste of Ireland professional Irish dance tour.  The group had a show in Austin, Minnesota, according to People.  Libed is a huge fan of SPAM, and the SPAM Museum is in this town, but the dancers had limited time to see the attraction.

One of the show's costume workers worked at the museum and heard how much Libed loved SPAM.  So, she loaded him up with a case of varieties of SPAM to bring back home.

While Libed lives in Massachusetts, he's originally from Hawaii, where SPAM is a staple for many.   When it was time to come back home, he had too much in his suitcase, so he put all the cans (quite a variety of flavors) in a carry-on, which was flagged by TSA security.

The hysterical moment was caught on video. Libed was very embarrassed, and everyone else, including TSA, had a good laugh.

But wait, there's more.  The video on TikTok has over four million views, and the SPAM company sent him other varieties of SPAM to try besides the original.

Hey, there are worse things to be stopped by security for at the airport.  Meanwhile, Joel Libed has had a moment, and so has his beloved SPAM meat.

Don't knock it until you've tried fried SPAM.  Mmmmm.

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