If you're a kid at heart, check this out.

Story Land is 70 years young, and still tugs at the youth in all of us.  Once again the amusement park in Glen, New Hampshire, is serving up a good time on special nights in 2024.

The difference is that no kids are allowed.  In fact, you have to be 21 or older to buy tickets to these fun-filled nights at Story Land.  The 2023 season featured four nights of adults only at the park from 5pm-10pm, and the park just announced that Nostalgia Nights will return for the 2024 season.

Not only could you ride the rides you loved as a child, but you'll have photo ops at Cinderella's Castle and with other friends at Story Land.

You'll feel like a kid again, but there's one thing you didn't have as a youngster.  Those juice boxes are replaced with tipsy options for adults only.


If you love to listen to live music and maybe shake your booty a bit without your kids being embarrassed by you, this is just the place.  You'll have a night to remember with live shows and music, so bring someone you love to have fun with.


Plan to leave the kids with your parents, and head to Story Land next summer.  Check out this Facebook post for more information and to buy a Gold Pass.  It's $50 off right now.

You can also just go to the Story Land Nostalgia Night website for details on passes and buying tickets for next season.  Wouldn't that make a perfect and unexpected (but fun) gift?

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