The craziest thing happened in the mountains of Utah.  Imagine hiking in a desolate area, looking up, and seeing a large metal monolith in the middle of nowhere.

How does this happen?  Is it aliens?  Is it a prank?  Is it an esoteric artist intrigued by the challenge?

Who knows?  As of right now, nobody does, but it happened again, first in England in 2020, and now in the middle of a popular hiking trail in Utah.  A large reflective monolith appeared last weekend, with no group taking credit.  Where did it come from?

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department posted a photo of the strange obelisk, but had no idea who put it there.  It wasn't an easy task, that's for sure.

What if this happened in New Hampshire?  Could it?  Of course it could.  Where do you think it would appear?

There are as many possible places as there are different terrains in the Granite State. The hiking trails of the White Mountains might be a majestic spot for a monolith to magically appear, but it would have to be a trail which brings thousands to the area during the spring or summer season.

North Conway would make a good location, as it attracts thousands in all seasons.

Then, consider The University of New Hampshire in Durham, with its sprawling campus and vibrant community.  When you look at the geography, perhaps that's the perfect spot for the mysterious monolith.

The monolith in Utah was gone only a few days after it appeared.  Friends of the environment considered it trash and took it down, but who put it there?  Will we ever know?  I doubt it, but if one appears in New Hampshire, we can bet it'll be a national story.

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