As I was driving down I-95, I finished up a banana and threw the peel out the window without thinking.  My husband was appalled, saying it was illegal littering.

I found myself wondering about that statement, and decided to find out if throwing anything out the window (or even dumping coffee out of a coffee cup) while at a red light was asking for a ticket from law enforcement.

According to New Hampshire law, throwing anything from the window of a moving vehicle is considered littering, and subject to a fine.  However, in order to be charged, someone has to observe you ditching the item from your car or truck.

According to, there has to be evidence.  If littering...

...has been observed by any person, and the matter disposed of has been ejected from a vehicle, such observation is prima facie evidence that the driver of such vehicle has committed the violation.

It's not just cars or trucks, but boats as well.  You can be faced with a fine and also lose your license for seven days, according to   The judge may advise you to clean up your litter, and towns can impose their own litter fines, so it could get costly.

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Let's take it one step further.  If you throw something with weight out the window and it hits someone outside your vehicle (or in another vehicle), you could be charge with criminal mischief, which is a misdemeanor that could get you arrested.

So get a garbage bag for your vehicle and dump it out in your own trash at your residence, not on the road.

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