Oh, nuts.  There's a problem with this simple snack we all love so much.  It's so easy to pop a top on a can of nuts and go deep.  Nuts are nutritious snacks, so chances are, you have a can in your pantry.

However, there's a problem and recall with one very popular item for sale in selected Walmarts around the country, and it happens to include all of the Massachusetts stores.

The item is the 8.25 oz. Great Value Honey Roasted Cashews.  According to the fda.gov, the recall for these nuts is especially important for people who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to coconut or milk.  There could be "serious or life-threatening allergic reactions if they consume this product from the impacted best if used by date listed", which is "Best if used by July 8, 2025".

The recall stems from a consumer finding coconut cashews in a honey cashew container, prompting an alert for the recall from the FDA.  The honey roasted cashew label was inadvertently put onto the coconut cashew containers.

Walmart is issuing a full refund for any customer who returns these cans.


According to statista.com, there are 52 Walmart stores in Massachusetts.  This does not effect New Hampshire nor Maine Walmart stores.  This particular brand is not sold in some states.

Remember to look at the bottom of the can and find the date.  If it says "Best if used by Jul 08 2025 GH2", then bring them back to your local Massachusetts Walmart.

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