Hey, I'm not here to judge! I have been guilty of more than one spelling snafu in my day. The worst is when you fire off an email to someone WAY more important than you, and notice a spelling error after the fact. SERIOUSLY, SPELL CHECK?! How are you going to do me dirty like that?

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Getty Images/iStockphoto

The word I have the hardest time with is 'embarrassing' (I always forget it's two R's, how embarrassing, right?). It usually happens when my fingers are flying across the keyboard faster than my brain can keep up. It's more of a rushing thing and less of an "I really don't know how to spell that word" thing. But you still feel like an idiot nonetheless.

Google Trends released a list of the most misspelled words in every state. They found this through looking at searches that began with "How do you spell...," and I found the results extremely chuckle-worthy.

First of all, our neighbors to the south in Massachusetts misspell the word 'picture' most. My mom grew up in Dorchester and has a thick Boston accent, and actually pronounces that word as 'pitcha', so are we that surprised that the spelling is a little confusing for residents of the Bay State? No, not really.

Maine's most misspelled word is 'actively'. No offense to Vacationland, but I've had that word down for a while.

The word we misspell most often in New Hampshire is 'their'. This confused me a little. At first I was thinking more along the lines of grammar, because we have all dealt with some 'their', 'there', 'they're' confusion at some point. But people are Googling "how do you spell their", meaning they are unsure how to spell that variation of the word. I can still hear my sixth grade English teacher's voice (shoutout to Mrs. Castles) spelling out "T-H-E-I-R", so I never forget it. That's what good teacher do! They live on in your brains for decades.

What word do you always misspell? Let us know in the comments.

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