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Well, this just makes no sense whatsoever.

WalletHub has put out another one of their numbers crunching data thingamajigs just in time for Independence Day, or as most like to call it, July Fourth. They set out to rank all 50 states by how patriotic they are.

Now that may seem like a tough thing to measure, but WalletHub always finds a way. They measure each state on two metrics: Military engagement and Civic engagement.

Military engagement includes things like numbers of Military Enlistees and Active-Duty Military Personnel. Civil engagement carries more weight that Military engagement and is comprised of things like the number of people who voted in the 2020 Presidential Election and a state's volunteer rate. You can get all metrics at WalletHub, but what we're concerned about here is how did the New England states rank? That's where John Adams might not be too proud.

Vermont and New Hampshire did well. They are at 8th and 9th most patriotic states, respectively. Maine came in 15th, which isn't all that bad, but then the bottom falls out. Connecticut was 45th, Massachusetts 46th and Rhode Island 48th.

That's right. The state where it all began for the United States, Massachusetts came in 46 out of 50 states for level of patriotism. You know, the state that is home to Boston, where a thing called the Tea Party happened? The event that put into the motion the American Revolution that eventually gave America independence from Britain? How does this happen?

My only guess and this is just a guess, is that the New England states at the bottom of the list are much more populated than the New England states that are up higher on the list. More rural areas tend to have higher levels of patriotism. Again, just an observational theory, and nothing based on data, but I'm sticking to it.

Sorry, John Adams. Massachusetts ain't what it used to be.

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