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Generally, a community is used to their town's Fire Chief and Fire Department being there for them if a fire strikes their house or business -- but for whatever reason, we never realize that it can also happen to those same people that save us.

But the realization is, well, real, in Kingston, New Hampshire, as Fire Chief Graham Pellerin received a call about his own house over the weekend. According to WMUR, the fire that hit Chief Pellerin's home over the weekend is believed to be an electrical fire, although the actual cause isn't known yet.

Thankfully, Chief Pellerin, his wife, and their 3-year-old son weren't home when the fire sparked, although their two dogs and pet fish were. WMUR reported that while a nearby neighbor called 911 to report the fire, her husband ran next door and got the dogs and fish out safely before things got bad.

Now, not that there's a "best part" to this, because the fire severely damaged their second floor home, but the Pellerin family is getting shown ALL the love by not only their friends and relatives who they are staying with in the meantime, but the Kingston community overall.

East Kingston Fire Chief, Ed Warren, told WMUR that Chief Pellerin has done so much for the community and is loved and cherish by his community so much, that the phone lines have been FLOODED with questions about how to help Chief Pellerin and his family out. In a way, it's a kudos to all the good Chief Pellerin has done for the Kingston community and at the same time is a nice reminder of how the community views and feels about him.

A fundraiser has been started for the Pellerin family, and, according to WMUR, if you'd like to help, you can donate cash or gift cards to:

Seacoast Chief Fire Officials Mutual Aid District
P.O. Box 1288
Hampton, NH 03843

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