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After becoming arguably the hottest news story in New England back in April, the 'reverberations' of the Kingston gender reveal explosion have now been heard around the world.

For those of you that may have been living under a rock back on April 20, chances are you probably still felt the effects of the detonation of 80 pounds of Tannerite at Torromeo Industries quarry.

This ground-shaking explosion was due to a very ambitious attempt at a gender reveal party that was orchestrated to create a giant blue cloud of chalk signifying that 'It's A Boy!'

The resulting explosion rocked the surrounding neighborhood and could be heard in excess of 10 miles away.

Over this past weekend, audio was released from the 911 calls that came in from residents that heard the tremendous blast and, judging from their tone of voice, you can easily confirm that they are authentic.

After a quick search online, I was shocked that this story has made it all the way across the pond!

I have spent the past ten minutes reading this Daily Mail report using my trademark horrible British accent.

You can get the vibe from the report that its author feels much safer in the original Hampshire, and doesn't intend on visiting the 'New' one anytime soon.

I think that my favorite quote on this whole situation was put forth by our own Gov. Chris Sununu, who quipped during an exclusive Shark Morning Show interview,  "Ugh, this is just the kind of thing you'd expect to see in Florida, not New Hampshire".

Editor's Note:

The man responsible for the explosive gender reveal party has been charged with disorderly conduct.

Anthony Spinelli, of Kingston, told police that they were at the quarry because they felt it was a safe location to detonate the Tannerite, according to a press release.

Tannerite is explosive and usually sold in a kit form for firearms practice.

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