It was already gutsy (and bloody) of All Elite Wrestling to come into Boston and take over the TD Garden, long known for being run exclusively by Vince McMahon’s WWE. But as it usually does, AEW took things one step further.

New Englanders watching AEW Dynamite were treated to a cameo by none other than the beloved Kowloon Chinese restaurant on Route 1 in Saugus. The memorable segment featured two of the promotion’s top stars – tag team partners and frenemies Adam Cole and Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

The duo spent some time talking things out while seeing how far they could push themselves with the restaurant’s spiciest menu items. Fortunately, some beverages were provided, but if you’ve ever spent a late night at the Kowloon…well, you know.

The spot was a huge coup for AEW, as the Kowloon has long been known as a second home to WWE talent. In fact, West Newbury native John Cena gave the restaurant some global publicity when he wore a pair of custom-made Kowloon Nikes at WrestleMania this past spring.

It’s a big time for the Kowloon, as the restaurant is currently producing a documentary to mark its 65th anniversary. Management has asked longtime customers to share pictures and home movies that would be incorporated into the film.

AEW, meanwhile, is approaching the fourth anniversary of Dynamite’s debut episode. The first major competitor to WWE in over two decades features a number of up-and-coming wrestlers, as well as former WWE veterans like Chris Jericho, Billy Gunn, Bryan Danielson, Cody Rhodes, and CM Punk.

In fact, All Elite Wrestling has done so well, John Cena Sr. was said to be at last night’s show, and some jabronis even suggested his Superstar son should make the jump to AEW for an in-ring revival.

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