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Does this mean your gear with the old name is super retro now?

A popular Vermont ski resort, which is teaming with dirt bike enthusiasts and hikers in the off-season, has changed what they're calling an 'insensitive' name.

Saskadena Six Ski Area via Facebook
Saskadena Six Ski Area via Facebook

It was time, according to the website for the Suicide Six Ski Resort and Recreation area known as S6 or Suicide Six.

Our resort team embraces the increasing awareness surrounding mental health and shares the growing concerns about the insensitive nature of the historical name. The feelings that the word “suicide” evokes can have a significant impact on many in our community.  The Suicide Six Ski Area has an enduring legacy spanning nearly nine decades, and it is vital that the name better represents and celebrates what makes it a beloved and vibrant part of this community. Though some may find the change difficult, we stand by our conviction that this evolution is warranted for an iconic treasure and, more importantly, necessary to continue its rich history of inclusion and accessibility.

According to the Pomfret, Vermont, resort, much discussion and community outreach went into play, and now, after 86 years, the new name is Saskadena Six Ski Resort.

Saskadena Six Ski Area via Facebook
Saskadena Six Ski Area via Facebook

“Saskadena” means "The Standing Mountain" according to the website.  It's in the Abenaki language, which is an endangered Algonquian language of Quebec and the northern states of New England.

In case you're not familiar, Saskadena Six is considered the first major ski area in the United States after the installation of that rope tow, as it's considered the first-ever ski lift in America.  It was installed by U.S. Skiing Hall of Fame honoree Wallace "Bunny" Bertram, who had dubbed the resort 'Suicide Six' instead of its name at the time of 'Hill 6.'

Are you ready to get new gear with the new name?

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