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He has a very particular set of skills. And hopefully, they include parallel parking while the drivers behind you honk and refuse to stop.

Taken star Liam Neeson was spotted in Boston this week, according to MassLive. Neeson is in town shooting the film Thug, in which he plays a gangster.

Finally, a mob movie set in Boston!

But this time, the story focuses on Neeson’s character trying to become a family man while the underworld continues to tug at him. You know what they say: “Just when you think you’re out…you still have that particular set of skills.”

According to Boston.com, Neeson was spotted shooting scenes in Allston and the North End. It’s the Irish actor’s second time filming in the Bay State, as he also shot the 2018 thriller Honest Thief in New England’s most smiley city, Worcester.

Evidently, film crews decided to take advantage of New England’s warm weather of late, as the film was originally slated to shoot in Los Angeles. However, they apparently took meteorologist Mark Rosenthal's advice about mild Octobers in Boston, as production is set to wrap in the Hub before Thanksgiving.

Neeson’s ties to the Boston area don’t end there, as his Love Actually costar Olivia Olson is the daughter of Comedy Connection founder Martin Olson. Comedy may serve as the one-time dramatic actor’s third act, coming off a massively successful action career.

It was revealed last week that Neeson is slated to star in a reboot of the classic comedy The Naked Gun, inheriting the role once portrayed by the great Leslie Nielsen.

No word on if O.J. Simpson would play Nordberg, but should producers seek someone from the sports world, at least one coach is now available.

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