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Maine is a vast state, with swaths of uninhabited land. There's nothing like driving through parts of the area and seeing signs for "T2 R9" and other odd territories.

It's truly the charm of Maine. We do love our peace, serenity, and lack of traffic. And, sometimes, you realize that 25 minutes have gone by and you're still in the same town.

Maine also has some seriously large towns. In fact, 48 of the state's municipalities have a land mass of 50 square miles or more. That is quite a number for the Pine Tree State.

While looking at this list, I was very interested to see where the largest towns are located. So, I put together a grouping of the 20 largest in Maine.

While you will find them in 11 of the 16 counties, it's not surprising to see a significant portion in the northern part of the state. Aroostook, Penobscot, and Piscataquis Counties are represented well. However, it's a solid showing from the western foothills, too.

The largest Maine town is Allagash. It also happens to be the only town with an area of more than 100 square miles (128.6 to be exact). The rest are a great representation of towns across the state that all have their own wonderful identities.

Below, you can see Maine's 20 largest towns by size. The data used comes from the United States Census Bureau. The specific stats are from the 2010 Census. Unincorporated towns and plantations were excluded from this article.

The 20 Largest Maine Towns by Area

Here are the 20 largest Maine towns according to square mileage.

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