It’s always cool to find a time capsule. But it’s extra special when it happens out of the blue.

That was the case in Lost Acres, Maine, where the town’s fire department was contacted by a young resident who had been doing some volunteer trash pickup on Acadia National Forest. During the cleanup, he discovered a camera that included photos of the Lost Acres Fire Department in action.

Among them: a flooded basement call from all the way back in 2011. The finder, Noah Lambert, contacted the Fire Department via Facebook, which set in motion another fortuitous chain of events.

According to the Lost Acres Fire Department’s Facebook post:

“Noah reached out to us on Facebook and was hoping we could help find the owner. Assistant Chief Weber was traveling for business in the Midwest when the message came through. He contacted Chief Horr, by text to see if he recognized any of the photos. Oddly enough, Chief Horr was on vacation near Acadia at the time!  Sample photos from the memory card were shared with the LAFD officers and it was discovered that the camera belonged to a cousin of Capt. Cooke! He made contact with the owners who would love the camera back! The camera had been lost in 2012, 11 years to the month that it was found!”

Chief Horr met with Noah, who returned the camera. And sure enough, there was an LAFD engine responding to the flooded basement call. All the way back in 2011...

Lost Acres Fire Department via Facebook
Lost Acres Fire Department via Facebook

A rare chance for Mainers to go back in time without the help of Stephen King.

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