Maine and lobster pretty much go hand in hand.

Sure, Maine is so much more than lobster, of course, but it's also a big part of the state, too.

According to, "Maine is the largest lobster-producing state in the nation." Additionally, the site reports that the industry contributes over a billion dollars to the state's economy every year.

That's a lot of lobster.

So, one would be safe to assume that if any restaurant was going to have an "endless Maine lobster" promotion it would be in Maine, right?

Unfortunately, no. (Though, you never know. A future Maine spot might take up the challenge at some point.)

Instead, it turns out, one particular Red Lobster in Times Square of New York City "will offer lob-sessed guests the opportunity to enjoy ... endless amounts of Live Maine Lobster," according to a press release from the restaurant chain.

How much lobster could one person eat? Is there a record for that?

It all goes down for just one day, March 28, so if you actually feel like making a trek to NYC for Maine lobster, I guess that's up to you.

Or maybe you could just check out one of the many great restaurants in Maine that serve lobster.

That said, there is a bunch of fine print for the promotion, including the fact you have to reserve one of 150 spots starting March 21 (if there are any left after they are available), the lobsters are 1.25 pounds, and some other legal jargon that covers Red Lobster in any event the event doesn't go as planned.

Is there such a thing as too much lobster? Will you be someone who tries to get a spot at the Red Lobster table, or is it really not worth it seeing as Maine has a bunch of places you can get great lobster from?

Whatever you decide, it's safe to say, bottoms up. Or is it tails up? Claws up?

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