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Yes, the weather is one of the apologies.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus is brilliantly displayed in The Leighton Show's videos. He's a hit on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook! People love this guy from Maine because they can relate. Even if you switch roles. He started sharing deadpan videos of reasons he's had to apologize to his wife. Some include,



  • I went upstairs for the night without announcing it. I’m currently working on a solo performance — like the scene in ‘The Sound of Music’ where they do a big number on their way to bed.
  • Next, I applied the brakes in order to save our lives, but I underestimated the trauma the change in momentum would create for her.
  • A guy in a show we were watching cheated on his wife — and this led to a detailed explanation of what would happen to me in that situation.
  • I also used the kitchen the same day it was being cleaned once — but never again.

Digging the Bowdoin hat Leighton! A lot of the comments wonder if The Leighton Show is kidding, or is his wife this insane?

I also made a mistake last night when I was cutting my steak. I let my knife touch the plate for a fraction of a second and had to apologize profusely.

Is it exaggerated? Of course, he's a comedian. Is it funny? It's funny AF! Love this 'Maine husband' and hope to meet him, his wife, AND his teenage daughter. Just read some of the texts she sends!

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