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From the printer to pillow talk, here we go.  Let's chat romance in the workplace.  Have you been there, done that?  Now let me clarify: this doesn't necessarily mean cheating on your significant other.  The following statistics represent all of it because who knows? Maybe you'll meet the love of your life in the next cubicle over.

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Moneypenny has revealed that 50% of us have either had an affair with someone we work with, or seriously considered it.  One-third of us across the country have had serious crushes on a colleague, with 10% of us having one on our boss.

This is getting steamy, isn't it?

make love.
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To be honest, none of this surprises me, and I'm sure it doesn't surprise you, either.  With the amount of time that we spend with our "work wives and work husbands" each week, it's only natural for some romantic relationships, connections, and crushes to develop between colleagues.

Moneypenny decided to take a deep dive into just how common romantic relationships in the workplace are in each state, and Maine hit that #1 spot.  According to the study, 75% you in Maine have considered or had something romantic going on with a colleague.


Meanwhile, New Hampshire hook-ups and beyond put the Granite State at #4 in the country, with 67% of you thinking about having a romantic interlude or dating a co-worker.

Now, are these kinds of relationships acceptable, especially if they don't involve cheating? Nearly 65% of us say it's totally fine to get romantically involved with someone you work with.

Meanwhile, Moneypenny's research shows that 65% of men think workplace relationships are completely acceptable, while it's a bit less with women at 60%.

One more thing: according to Moneypenny, only 7% of workplace relationships end in marriage.



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