When you work in the public eye and dare to take on anything that could be deemed a controversial subject, you know you're opening yourself up to some criticism. Typically that criticism comes from a place where it's fact versus fact or perception versus perception. Every now and again, the criticism turns a little personal. One person who hasn't shied away from taking on the 'controversial' subject of global warming is News Center Maine meteorologist Keith Carson. Most of Carson's interactions with opposing viewpoints have come via social media but on Monday, he shared a handwritten postcard delivered to him in Portland and a lot of people had a lot of thoughts about it.

As you can plainly see from the above photo, the person behind this postcard is not on board with Carson's global warming science. In particular, the author has had it with the rotating commercial that talks about Carson's feature on global warming, it's immediate impacts, and what potential impacts are looming if changes aren't made. You can tell the person who wrote this means business, because they mixed Keith Carson and environmental activist Greta Thunberg together when addressing the postcard.

Initially, Carson didn't reveal the meat and potatoes of the postcard. After several requests to do so, he gave in and it didn't disappoint. It led to a series of biting and hilarious responses, most of them draped in sarcasm.

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