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A beautiful region of Maine is receiving top recognition from a highly regarded website.

Outside Magazine, one of the leading publications for all things outdoors, has listed Maine's Katahdin Wood & Waters National Monument as one of the best places to enjoy stargazing. The remote Northern Maine national monument joins a list of 10 incredible locations from across the country, which Outside Magazine deems as can't-miss regions to enjoy popular celestial bodies.

Now, you may think you have seen some stars in your life, especially if you live in Maine. There are very few areas where light pollution completely ruins the night sky. However, your backyard viewing is nothing compared to what you will witness in the vast darkness of Katahdin Woods & Waters.

Officially established in 2016, the national monument is 87,000+ acres of pure Northern Maine. There's literally nothing but wilderness, wildlife, and unspoiled sky. It's like going back in time to an era that lacked modern technology.

Here's a little of why Outside included Katahdin Woods & Waters on its prestigious list.

...Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument has some of the darkest skies east of the Mississippi. Biking, hiking, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing as well as stargazing take place here under the watchful eye of Mount Katahdin, at 5,262 feet the highest peak in the state.

The magazine also mentions the incredible program that the national monument puts on every fall. It's called Stars Over Katahdin, and for a small fee, you can camp out and enjoy the incredible night sky in all its wonder.

You may think you have seen stars. but just wait until you have seen a night sky devoid of any light pollution. Your mind will be blown. Thankfully for us Mainers, we know just where to go.

You can find out more info about Katahdin Woods & Waters here. I look forward to my first trip up there. Hopefully I can travel up in the fall to witness these extraordinary sights.

Happy stargazing, everyone.

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